About Us

LoCorr Managed Futures Strategy Fund is managed by LoCorr Fund Management, LLC. LoCorr Fund Management was founded to offer alternative investments designed not to be highly correlated to traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds. By adding low correlating investments to a portfolio an investor has the potential for enhanced returns and reduced risk.

For nearly a decade, LoCorr's affiliated broker-dealer has been distributing alternative investments. Our Managed Futures Strategy Fund is the first of what we expect to become a family of funds, designed to provide low correlation and improved diversification to portfolios containing traditional assets.

LoCorr Fund Management oversees the Fund's investments and determines the allocations of capital to the Managed Futures Strategy and Fixed Income Strategy. The Fund will use Millburn Ridgefield to execute its Managed Futures Strategy. Millburn was founded in 1971 and manages about $2 billion in assets. The Fund will invest in Millburn's Diversified Program ("MDP") which commenced operations in 1977.

Nuveen Asset Management (with about $25 billion in assets under management) serves as the Fund's sub adviser, managing about 75% of the Fund's assets in a Fixed Income Strategy of short to intermediate term investment grade corporate and government agency bonds.